I realize this is 18 days late but Happy New Year!  Hope the holidays treated you well.  This is my first post in the new year and I’m happy to report that the Deck Garden is in full swing and the plants are growing STRONG.  We’ve got green beans, lettuce, Swiss chard, basil, parsley and chives.  The peppers and tomatoes are already fruiting and we’re just waiting for them to ripen.  This system is a cinch to take care of, even when I was away from it for nearly 10 days.  The 50-gallon reservoir is more than sufficient to keep the plants watered for that amount of time.

The only negative thing to report is that the cucumbers flowered and small fruits were set, but they have since withered away.  This is my fault; the system is not receiving quite enough sunlight to be able to produce full-sized cucumbers.  This will change as we start moving into spring and summer, and the sun begins to get higher in the sky.  The cucs are also at the bottom of one of the towers, adjacent to a wall, and are being shaded by both the peppers planted above them as well as the other towers and wall.  I was just a bit too optimistic about them, but you know what they say- live and learn.


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