It’s May and Lots of Tomatoes

I’m a little behind on posting but here is the latest on the garden. It’s the middle of may and we have lots of tomatoes just waiting for them to start turning red.

Here is a walk-thru of the garden

I did a little walk-thru of the garden currently. Everything is doing so well. All the plants are loaded with flowers. We also have quit a few green tomatoes already. Even the strawberries have lots of flowers and the start of strawberries.

Garden is 8 Weeks Old Now

Here you can see all the strawberries on the plants, the strawberry garden is only 4 weeks old. Also hundreds of tomatoes all still green -so hard to see, and lots of flowers. The tomato trees are really healthy and quite large.  You can see my 6 foot walkway between...

Getting this years Garden Going 2018

We have been getting our garden going this year. We started planting on March 2nd. The gallery below is the garden so far. The images were taken on March 2nd then March 13th with the most resent images taken on March 30th. So far we have 45 trees of tomatoes, 360...

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